Saturday, 8 November 2014

A little information about this blog

Although many of the events in this blog took place several months ago I have suddenly felt a strong desire to share my writings, observations and tips about travelling in South America with anyone who cares to read it.

Having recently been awarded my bachelor in Media and Communications (Journalism) I took a year off to explore the world. I traveled in South America for five months and learned a lot about a part of the world which I had never even vaguely experienced. This blog will be a collection of descriptive (narrative style) writings, some more journalistic articles as well as some general information which might be useful for travelers. I hope some of you (anyone would be nice) read, share and enjoy my writing and can potentially live the trip through the stories from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer. For me, the act of writing this blog is a method of re-experiencing my trip before it is all long forgotten.

Thanks for reading!

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